Hush Pocket Rig

  • $49.99

The Inex Hush Pocket Rig is a versatile multi-purpose product. This item can be used as a concentrate rig, flower bubbler, and a roll up (cone/blunt)  bubbler. The Pocket Rig has both a threaded mouth piece and 10mm female joint. The threaded features make the item incredibly convenient to travel with since you can leave the water in there while also making is smell resistant. This piece has a curved pierced diffuser pointing forward towards the inner curvature. This style of diffuser is easy to clean while at the same time providing an incredibly smooth hit for both flower and concentrate consumers. The function is set up to create a wave towards the front which prevents any splash back from hitting the user.
This Item Includes a bowl and a banger.

The Inex Brand Hush Series is a collection of items which are designed to be convenient to travel with as well as smell resistant.
"So remember, if you got that loud & need to be discreet keep it hush with us ;) "